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Meet The Team


Here are the friendly folk who serve your delicious milkshakes in Yeovil branch of Shakies:


Name: Andy


Job Title: Manager


About Me: I am outgoing and full of energy, I like to leave a good long lasting impression on the people that I meet. I think my staff will agree that I have a unique sense of humour and am always looking for new ways to make people laugh. My main hobby is Airosoft its like paintball only with BB Guns, I try to visit the various sites as many times as I can as it is a good way to relieve stress and have a good time with friends old and new.


Favourite Milkshake: Hob Nob and Boost


Claim to Fame: I wish I was famous but being on this website is the best its gunna get!!!!


ChloeName: Chloe


Job Title: Part Time Shaker


About Me: I like going out with my friends to town and the cinema. I go on Msn and Bebo a lot and listen to music a lot too. My favourite colours are black and pink.


Favourite Milkshake: After Eight


Claim to Fame: I have been in the newspapers a lot for achievements at Preston School. =D.


Name: Sarah


Job Title: Part Time Shaker


About Me: Iím fun and outgoing. I like spending a lot of time with my friends and when Iím not with my friends Iím either working or listening to my music. My favourite colours are green and pink.My interests are art and music And Cars!!!!!!!


Favourite Milkshake: Boost and Cadburys Cream Egg


Claim to Fame: I have been on the South west news for raising money for cancer research by singing with a load of my friends and we raised over £700 that was with my school . I have also been in the news paper for choir at Preston School (fund raising) And for winning a girls robotics challenge with 2 other members of Preston school .We came joint first with Westfield.

BecciName: Becci


Job Title: Shaker

About Me: I am 19 years of age, shy but confident. I love DVDs, own 160 and have a wish list of 300!

Favourite Milkshake: Twix and Munchies

Claim to fame: Still waiting for that to happen.